Author: Lauren Bertolacci

Category: Spiritual Health and Self

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"Save your physical therapy money and read this! Lauren provided a better explanation of the physiological issues and provided more self stretching exercises than my physio. After repeated injuries from soccer, I believe these tips will help to strengthen and stabilize my already weakened core. Quick read, but very informative! Thanks!""The information in this book has helped me deal with my decades long pain in my lower back and both hips. By following Lauren's clear advice, my pain is mostly gone. The stretches must be done everyday, but they are easily done. Several stretches are explained, videos imbedded to show you exactly how to do them. This is a well written book. Lauren's has also included simple strengthening exercises as well. I heartily recommend this little book.""My name is John Hinson and as a Tai Chi Instructor and 4th degree black belt who is recovering after having the Birmingham Hip Resurface surgery in October 2012. I am still trying to regain strength and flexibility. The exercises suggested has made a big difference in my rehabilitation. I feel more flexible and stronger in my hip because of Lauren's well thought out exercises. I would suggest this book to anyone recovering from hip surgery and considers themselves an athlete."Go beyond stretching with the ultimate at home cure. The hip flexors are a big group of muscles that flex the hip. This means that they are involved in basic movements that we do every day like walking, running and leaning forward while sitting down, just to name a few. When this group of muscles get’s tight you are at a high risk for a lot of different problems. The great news is once you have identified the cause of your problem, you can get rid of the pain and tightness quickly. This book will take your through four key steps to ensure that you get rid of your tight hip flexors and keep them loose. The reasons may not be as simple as you think as this complex group of muscles does a lot of work in every day tasks. Bad posture, repetitive movements and weak muscles will also contribute to your issues. I'll teach you how to release your hip flexors and re-train your body effectively, no matter what the cause of your tight hips.Included are:Key stretches to release the hip flexors.Self massage on important areas to get a deeper release.Exercises that will take your hip flexors through a dynamic range of motion and stretch them actively.Postural exercises that will retrain your body so your hip flexors aren't working when they shouldn't.An understanding of what you need to do during the day to help your cause.A guide on how to put it all together effectively for your situation.