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After over 30 years of being a successful house flipper, Bruce Glenn decided it was time to share his secrets with the rest of us! Not only has Bruce "flipped" over 150 houses in that time, but it was also all done part-time while working 50 to 60 hours a week as a residential real estate appraiser.Bruce has shared his knowledge locally at numerous real estate investor meetings and many real estate offices. He felt it was time to widen his audience, and that's where First Flip comes in. First Flip is a comprehensive book that will take you from A to Z in the house flipping arena.Bruce starts with the question, "Is flipping houses right for you?" Some are surprised by that first question, but Bruce wants to be sure you are on board from the get-go! Then, written in plain English, Bruce takes you step by step on the house flipping journey.Bruce talks about getting your house in order, having a great team, making a plan, and financing options. He knows you can't do it all yourself, and you have to rely on others for help! Especially if you are working full time like Bruce. Then he digs deeper into options for finding deals and lists of good and bad things to consider.Once you have found your "perfect flip," you need to evaluate the deal. He takes you into all the numbers and showing you actual houses he and his team have completed. Sometimes there is no better teacher than real case studies. What is the thought process when planning your renovations? Bruce goes into all the things to consider when making your plans. What renovations give you the most bang for your buck and what improvements are just not worth it. Questions like, should I stage, do we do open houses, how important are professional pictures, and the list goes on and on! If you want a comprehensive house-flipping book, this is it.Lastly, 30 years of appraisal work gives Bruce a unique perspective on the business. Value is a vital component that Bruce goes into great detail! Once you're finished, not only will you understand how to do your first flip, you'll have an advantage over your competition in understanding what an appraiser looks for!Be sure and follow Bruce on his Facebook Page, FlippinBruce.