Author: Wes Markin

Category: Mystery and Crime Fiction

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A chief of police out of control. A suspected child killer from a bygone era. And a schoolgirl washed up on the banks of the River Skweda.A storm is coming to Blue Falls, Maine.An unprecedented storm. And in the eye of the storm stands ex-detective Jake Pettman. A man desperate for sanctuary and desperate for the truth. But in a place of undying and heinous secrets, such desperations become dangerous.Both to yourself, and the people that you love.  Fire in Bone is an adrenaline-pumping crime thriller novel from the Amazon best-selling author of One Last Prayer for the Rays and the DCI Yorke series. Perfect for fans of Chris Carter, James Patterson, Chris Brookmyre, and Stuart Macbride.Read what everyone is saying about Fire in Bone:‘In this book Wes Markin has really ramped up the tension and suspense, the story grabbed my by the throat and shook me like a rag doll. I literally have no nails left. A twist I never saw coming this is a heart stopping, gut wrenching five star read and I did not want it to end. LOVED IT!!!!!!’ Peggy Beaver, ?????‘Whoa, what a ride! I mean this just fies along, bam bam bam, shock after shock. No holds barred, no slow build up with the action. Bam, done, off again,’ Donna Morfett, ?????‘This story is riveting, horrifying and deeply disturbing, and sets things up for an electrifying finale in the next book,’ Rosie Bray, ?????'WOW…This is one hell of a thriller. After reading The Killing Pit I was looking forward to this one. Jake is back. This is gripping and tense and the finale is explosive,’ Karen Campbell, ?????'What a follow on from The Killing Pit! Oh my goodness, it soon had my heart pounding wondering what dark secrets Wes Markin would divulge, and what was in store for for the residents of Blue Falls?' Kaz Angel, ?????'I love Wes Markin’s books precisely for these reasons; the pace never relents, the story is well-structured and you never know what direction he is going to take you in,’ Deb Day, ?????'The second installment of the Jake Pettman series kept me fearfully gripped. Blue Falls, Maine is the crime thriller equivalent of Stephen King's Castle Rock - full of interesting characters and gothic undercurrents,' Bill Forrest, ?????