Author: N.C. Reed

Category: Sci-Fi and Future Worlds

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Clayton Sanders left home the minute he had his high school diploma in hand. He waited that long only because the Army wouldn't accept him without one. Now, ten years later, he's home. Home with no warning, no advance notice, no anything after being gone ten years with almost no contact with his family. Home carrying a secret that is burning him up from the inside. A secret that has pushed him to the brink, forcing him to become a criminal in order to be where his family needs him to be, even though they don't realize it yet. Because Clayton knows something they don't. Something that hasn't happened, but will. Something that will burn everything it touches. And change the face of the world forever.



we have managed to secure Chicago with the exception of a few hot spots that are still in rebel hands, but the city areas where we are resettling citizens are secure. I anticipate we will have those few spots cleared in the coming days, at which point my brigade will be moving on to another trouble spot and security for the city will pass over to the 6th NSG Orientation Battalion as we begin reeducating citizens in new policies and handing out work assignments.”

“And there you have it folks! General Frederick Lincoln, commander of forces in Chicago, with an update on things in the Windy City. It looks as if the rebels there are living on borrowed time. In related news, the leaders of the rebel infestation in Chicago who were captured have been executed as of this morning, with their followers being pressed into labor companies so they can help rebuild the areas they have destroyed.”

“So, take heart, America! Things are looking up! This has been a news update from the National Salvation Government Public Information Office.”