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Learn how to Start a Fire in an Emergency, Even Without Modern Supplies!This book was written by a long-time camp counselor!This is the First Book in the Wilderness Survival Skills Series!You'll learn how to start a fire from the materials around you, even in forests that are soaked from weeks of rain.This book covers the three things any fire needs, and how to provide them as efficiently as possible.It also covers what makes a good fuel, and how to find it in the forest, and goes in-detail on techniques to split down large logs that are wet on the outside with hatchet or knife. The inner wood of long-dead wood is often the only reliably dry fuel source in wet climates, and these tips and tricks will help you get at it with basic tools.Step-by-step instructions on how to produce a feather stick, a show-worthy and highly effective combination tinder and kindling to get your fire roaring in a hurry.You'll learn how to set five different fire lays, and when to use each one, based on the weather and available supplies.Finally, we'll cover starting the fire, first with modern methods, and later by banging rocks and rubbing sticks.Chapters:IntroductionThe Fire TriangleFinding FuelFire LaysTeepeeLog CabinWind WedgeDakota Fire HoleEagle's NestModern Fire-Starting MethodsLightersMatchesFerrocerium RodsPrimitive Fire-Starting MethodsTypes of TinderFire by FrictionFire by SparkConclusionEach fire lay, type of tinder, and fire-starting method is explained, in detail, with pointers on how to be the most efficient with your actions, and tips on how to ensure success. tags: wilderness survival, fire building, how to start a fire, survival fire-making, fire making, fire starting, emergency preparedness, prepper, bushcraft, feather stick, flint and steel, tinder, knife, amadou, bow drill, hand drill, fire plough, rubbing sticks together