Author: Candace Ayers

Category: Fantasy and Paranormal

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Sky Broussard has spent the last nine years of her life raising her nephews.Between trying to make ends meet as a waitress at the Bon Temps Café,and keeping an eye on two troublesome teens,she’s had zero time for indulgences like romance.No worries, she hasn’t been interested in the opposite sex for a long time.Not until she meets the snarling, growling, hotter-that-an-inferno hunk who caught her nephews trespassing on his swampland deep in the Louisiana bayou.Too bad he’s off his rocker. Seriously.He thinks he’s a dragon, calls her his mate, follows her home, and refuses to leave her side.She really should put a stop to the insanity. She really should.Except, her libido is running on overdrive and, who knows, he might be her chance to finally lose her V-card.