Author: Susan Warner

Category: Romance Books

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“I want to marry you because I know we will never last”

Not quite the wedding proposal a gal wants to hear but times are hard.
Elissa Dane’s catering business is about to go belly up,
unless she finds an in flux of cash and A business plan to save it

Mr. I’ve got money, looks and can have any woman I want, aka Liam Butler,
has discovered that he’s a money magnet for gold diggers who aren’t interested in his heart
unless it’s the key to his bank account. While the wild billionaire might look good in the press
its causing his board members to wonder if Liam's the one to run Butler Hotels, a multi-billionaire dollar company.

So came the proposal, Elissa would help him look all stable and dignified
by marrying him for a short period. Then when the board had finished their evaluation,
Liam and Elissa would divorce and he’d help her setup by working in one of his five star hotels.
That is how it all came about that Elissa was married to the man who dumped her in college
and never looked back.

Nothing ever goes as planned and a fake romance starts to feel like the real deal.
Could it be that instead of Finding Ms. Wrong, Liam had found Ms. Right?