Author: Tina Newcomb

Category: Romance Books

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These opposites don’t just clash, they collide head-on.

After her first husband's tragic death, Alex Blackwood is reluctant to let another man into her life. As mayor of Eden Falls, a business owner, and the mother of six-year-old Charlie, she doesn’t have time to coddle a self-absorbed author, who’s only in town for the summer.

Best-selling author Colton McCreed is in Eden Falls to study small-town life for his next murder mystery. As his research draws him into the community, he becomes entwined with the mayor and her cheerful son. Colton’s loveless childhood left him believing he’s immune to love, but Alex and Charlie have a pull on him he’s never felt before.

Impromptu dinner invitations throw Colton and Alex into a world of discovery, shattering her image of Mr. Right and his belief that love is out of reach.

If you like clean romance, quirky characters, and a quaint town you won’t want to leave, you'll love Finding Eden.

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