Author: Zoe York

Category: Romance Books

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He’s a new firefighter with a lot to prove, and she’s the former army captain who just wants to open a bakery and start a new life.

Adam Kincaid wants to be known as his own person: not the easiest thing to do as the youngest of five brothers in a small town where everyone knows exactly who his family is. Unexpectedly getting hitched to his former army captain wasn’t quite what he had in mind, though.

Isla Peterson knows exactly what she’s gotten herself into with the younger Kincaid: a marriage of convenience. In return, she gets a bakery of her own, and the company of a friend who has as little faith in love as she does.

But as their public charade starts to feel surprisingly real behind closed doors, Isla’s ex-husband shows up, asking all the wrong questions. If the truth of their relationship comes out, the safety they’ve found could come crashing down.

Welcome back to Pine Harbour, in this sexy small town romance about two friends who don’t believe in love, but do believe in each other.