Author: Simon Winstanley

Category: Sci-Fi and Future Worlds

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Mankind was out of time. The solution: create more.“It’s books like this that keep the sci-fi genre fresh and exciting…”“Up there with Asimov…”“I can't recall seeing time travel done this way before.”The result of over three years of research, Field One is a seamless mix of real science, historical events, and solid Sci-Fi thriller. Believable and chilling in equal measure, there’s enough to have you questioning the world you know, the people who run it, and whether you yourself would be among the ‘Saved’.From the back cover:All life extinct in 64 years: The data couldn’t lie.Archive’s conclusion was simple: To escape, make Time.Their solution was complex: 7 billion people must never know.Their solution is failing.The future lies with a high-functioning sociopath,a child genius fascinated by time,an officially retired space program,and Field One...What Amazon readers are saying:????? “The perfect balance of sci-fi and action, and the best science fiction book I've read since Altered Carbon.”????? “The story structure is unique, the plot lines thrilling, and the ending is just the start.”????? “I read just about every time travel book available but this one is different and special.”????? “Gripping, addictive and amazingly cerebral.”????? “Ridiculously good. Brilliant science, well written.”????? “Complex, intelligent and deep.”????? “The story telling is gripping, found myself having to remember to breathe.”????? “Time, shadow governments, psychology, end of the world stuff, heroes and villains, AI, futurism, chaos and control, and a whole heap of other cool stuff.”????? “It’s books like this that keep the sci-fi genre fresh and Exciting…”????? “I can't recall seeing time travel done this way before.”????? “The best sci-fi I have read for a long time. Intelligent, thought provoking, good characters (strong female characters are refreshing to have). Up there with Asimov, in this reader's opinion.”A look inside the Field…With one hand he shielded his eyes from the glare of the slide projectors, and with the other he pointed at the images. It appeared that the flower and its container were surrounded by a small transparent bubble.“What you’re looking at, is a Chronomagnetic Field…” he said, “The flower inside the Field was proceeding through time at three times the normal rate.”“What are the limitations to the size of this… Field?”“None, as far as we can tell, except for practicality.”Manipulating time around a sample flower was one thing, but saving a planet was quite another. With over sixty years to prepare for the arrival of ‘1951VA’, Archive knew that the comet wasn’t the immediate problem. The problem was human nature.Titles in the Field Series:Field OneField TwoBoundaryEVAInside the Field (An illustrated guide)Blackbox: Barcode (Archive Member exclusive)The Bridge (A Field Series standalone sequel)