Author: Krista Street

Category: Paranormal & Fantasy Romance

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AveryYou'd think a half-witch, quarter-werewolf would be a magical powerhouse, right? Wrong. I'm so nothing special. I'm on the express track to a low-magic ambassador job, right after I complete three months of mandatory Supernatural Forces training.I never expected my biggest stumbling block to be my new squad commander, Wyatt Jamison. He's everything I'm not—a pure blooded werewolf who oozes magic.Did I mention he's also my former teenage crush who still makes my mouth water?WyattThree months. I just have to get through three months of resisting Avery's enticing lilac-and-rainwater scent. Then she'll be shipped off to Geneva and I can get to work forgetting her inquisitive eyes, infectious laugh, and tantalizing curves. It almost kills me to keep her at arm's length, but duty demands it.All of that changes, though, when a rare celestial event erupts strange, new power from Avery—a power that's determined to destroy her. Tasked with unlocking its secrets, I have no choice but to keep her close as I struggle to find her new magic's origins.Because if I don't? Avery's dreams and future will be lost before they've begun.Fated by Starlight is book one in the complete four-book Supernatural Institute series. Start reading today!