Author: Mark J. Asher

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"I'm a music-head, and I found much that I did not know. Very entertaining!" —Amazon Reviewer"Very entertaining & interesting read! Many little known facts that any music fan would find amusing & enlightening." —Amazon ReviewerFascinating Facts About Famous Musicians is a gold mine of information sure to satisfy any music lover or trivia junkie. It's perfect for anyone who loves behind-the-music stories and has an appreciation for the interesting ironies, lucky accidents and twists of fate that led to the music we've listened to for a lifetime. Fascinating Facts About Famous Musicians contains over 200 facts, which range in genre from rock and roll to classical music. Here's just some of the music history you'll discover inside:* Why Frank Sinatra didn't like to be photographed on his left side.* Which rock star almost took the Brad Pitt role in the movie Thelma & Louise.* Which movie inspired future singer-songwriter John Mayer to start playing guitar.* What song title the rock band Aerosmith got from the movie Young Frankenstein.* Which Los Angeles hamburger joint Stevie Nicks worked at to pay the bills.* Why B.B. King has named every guitar he has owned since 1949 Lucille.* How Neil Diamond lied about the inspiration for one of his biggest hits.* Why Hank Williams, Jr. wears a beard, sunglasses and a cowboy hat.* The truth about Rod Stewart's days as a gravedigger.* And much, much more.