Author: Melinda Swann

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Stuart - The first book in the Falling for the Cassidy Brothers series - an instalove, curvy woman, short romance.Kelsey didn’t go to the engagement party to cause a family rift, or to soak the partygoers with a hose-pipe.But then making out with Stuart Cassidy hadn’t been on her to do list either. The minute she set eyes on him, she knew he was too hot to handle. When he glanced her way and his deep, dark eyes locked with hers, she was lost. It was like drowning in a sea of melted chocolate; warm, delicious and decadent.He was a heartbreaker and for her self-preservation Kelsey knew she should run away and stay away. And she tried, she really did. But saying no to him wasn’t easy when the blood pounding through her veins said yes, the nerves tingling across her skin said yes, and even her lips, begging to be kissed by him, said yes.Falling for the Cassidy Brothers are standalone, short, steamy, happy ever after, romance stories, with a small serial element running through each book.