Author: Haley Travis

Category: Romance Books

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I’d always been too timid. But when a gorgeous man needed a favor and asked me out in front of the whole diner, I had to say yes... I would be his phony wife for one night.

Ray’s Diner was where I pretended to be perky and outgoing to earn better tips while I finished school. Vaughan seemed to like my “Claudia the waitress” persona, and having a wife for an important event would help his business, and scare off an ex-girlfriend who had been harassing him.

Vaughan wasn’t the sort of man I’d ever expected to have a chance with – sweet, thoughtful, and just a bit possessive. Our connection was instant, and our overwhelming desire was more powerful than I ever thought possible.

Maybe this was the summer I finally found both true love and my true self. That is, if I can keep Vaughan from finding out the slightly sketchy connection that could be bad for both his business, and his ability to trust me.