Author: Eileen Mueller

Category: Teens & Young Adult

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A dragonet’s past murder throws Ezaara into a war between dragons and the monsters enslaving Dragons’ Realm. A fast-paced award-winning epic-fantasy series by multi-award-winning author Eileen Mueller.In Lush Valley, it’s a crime to even talk about dragons…When Ezaara meets Zaarusha the Dragon Queen, she’s swept up in a blaze of color and they imprint, forming a deep bond. She must give up her home and family to become the new Queen’s Rider. Ignorant and unprepared, how can she possibly succeed?Luckily, she has a dragon master — although rumors say she might be better off with the enemy.Plunged into a world of cutthroat politics and traitors in every shadow, who can Ezaara trust as Commander Zens and his army of bestial tharuks march closer, razing villages and enslaving the people of Dragons’ Realm?What personal price must Ezaara and her Dragon Master pay to save their people?Fans of Anne McCaffrey’s Dragon Riders of Pern and Christopher Paolini’s The Inheritance Cycle will love Riders of Fire.If you love epic coming-of-age fantasy, heart-pounding adventure, true love and dragons, Ezaara — Riders of Fire is for you.Start your adventure now! Scroll up and click to read today!Riders of Fire - YA epic fantasy adventure:Book 1: EzaaraBook 2: Dragon HeroBook 3: Dragon RiftBook 4: Dragon StrikeBook 5: Dragon WarBook 6: Sea DragonRiders of Fire Dragon Masters - YA epic fantasy adventure:Book 1: Anakisha’s DragonBook 2: Dragon MageBook 3: Dragon SpyBook 4: Dragon HealerRiders of Fire Dragons - Prequels1. Bronze Dragon (free novelette)2. Ruby Dragon (short story)3. Silver Dragon – free novelette only at