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AVAILABLE NOW THE COMPLETE TUTORIAL TO TAKE YOU FROM A NOVICE TO A PRO EXCEL USER IN 7 DAYS OR LESSAs a Professional Trainer, I've combined my intense 10+ years of Excel experience and Training inthis practical book. Through it, I’ll show you all of my very best Excel information, tips and tricks tomake you confident in using excel to boost your productivity at work and shock your boss byunlocking dynamic formulas with IF, VLOOKUP, INDEX, MATCH functions and many more or simplyto work at home saving your time and avoiding any mistakes.In this easy and complete course, you will learn:

7 important practice and need-to-know on Excel that you could never have guessed as a beginnerLearn How to know the excel interface like the back of your hand – so you can work on itwith your eyes closed.Master the MOST POPULAR basic Excel Formulas and Functions with step-by-step instructions with pictures.10 Excel Formula used daily at WORK that you can put into practice right nowTop 31 best and most useful Tips and Tricks with extra FAQS to take your work to the nextlevel12 Most Important Advanced Formulas, Pivot Techniques and Charts That Will Make YOU Excel expert Learn useful Excel shortcuts to make your work in the quickest amount of time.And much more!

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