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Do you know how to use Microsoft Excel but have little or no experience with it?Do you want to improve your Microsoft Excel skills so that you can utilize them to their maximum potential, particularly the features that are most helpful for individuals and businesses?Are you searching for a program that allows you to create graphs, charts, formulas, and tables?Do you need to improve your marketability and add to your skill set in order to compete in today's employment market?If your response is “YES”, then keep reading!!Microsoft Excel is a spreadsheet application developed by Microsoft that enables people to manage, arrange, and compute data using formulae. This program is part of the Microsoft Office suite but also is interoperable with other Office apps. Like many Microsoft Office applications, Microsoft Excel is now available as a cloud-based subscription via Office 365. MS Excel is a professional spreadsheet program developed by Microsoft that was released for the Microsoft Windows and Mac OS. It includes, among other things, the capacity to do simple arithmetic, utilize graphing tools, build pivot tables, or construct macros.In this book, you will understand a step-by-step method to learn:Basic Components of Excel such as why should you learn Excel, where can you get it, and how to start itThe Basics of Microsoft Excel such as how to insert rows, columns, autofil, filters and moreTips on how to use the formula functions correctly, including the basic math operations such as sum, division, percentage, and how to use the random number generatorHow to apply the different Excel text functions like the CONCATENATE, TRIM, SEARCH FUNCTION, TEXTJOIN FUNCTION, and moreThe different logic, counting, and conditional functions like the MAX & MIN, NOT FUNCTION, COUNTIF, COUNTA, AVERAGE IF, SUMIFS FUNCTION, and moreHow to make the most of the date & time functions such as weekday, date, today & now, workday, and moreThe different functions of entering and managing data like the entering data, auto fill and moving dataWhat to do when encountering Excel problems like formulas are not working, hashes in cell and functions to manage errors such as IF ERROR, IFNAThe different methods of creating pivot tables, formatting tables, charts, and graphsLatest Features of MS Excel 2021, tips and tricks to master them                    And really ... much more!MS Excel has become a must-have for different types of corporate computing, like looking at daily, weekly, or monthly figures, tabulating payroll or taxes, and other comparable business operations, thanks to the autosum and other improvements. Microsoft Excel has become a major end-user technology, helpful in training and professional development, thanks to a variety of easy application cases. MS Excel has been included in basic business diploma courses on business computers for a number of years, and temporary employment agencies may evaluate people for a variety of clerical tasks based on their abilities with Microsoft Word and Microsoft Excel.Are you ready for us to take you on a journey that will take the uncertainty out of the procedure and even teach you interesting shortcuts that will save you time while ensuring that you unlock features that you probably didn't even realize existed but are very useful?You don't have to wait any more!! Click the "Buy Now" button, and let’s get started with MS Excel!!