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Excel: 2020 User Manual to Learn the Basics of Excel Fast and Use It Effectively with Smart Method. 25 Essential Tips & Tricks included. Excel is a widely used computer program. But what do you know about It?It is needed for calculations, drawing up tables and diagrams and calculating both simple and complex functions. It is part of the Microsoft Office suite, a set of programs for office work. The most popular applications in it are Word and Excel.Excel is a kind of calculator with many features and capabilities. In this program, you can compose reports, make calculations of any complexity and draw diagrams. Accountants and economists need it, first.It is a large table in which you can enter data, that is, print words and numbers. Also, using the functions of this program, you can perform various manipulations with numbers: add, subtract, multiply, divide and much more.Many people think that Excel is just tables. They are convinced that all tables on a computer are compiled in this program. But this is not the case. This program is needed, first of all, for calculations. This book will cover the following topics: How to find Excel on your pcThe Online Version of ExcelEverything you wanted to know about the online version of Excel - features, differences from the desktop program, advantages and disadvantages. OpportunitiesExcel Online featuresTo start working with Excel OnlineWhat does the program look like? New opportunitiesQuick Access toolbarBackstageRibbonMicrosoft accountCommandsName BoxFormula BarColumnCellLineSheetSheet view modesZoomVertical scroll bar & horizontal scroll barSelecting Commands with the Mouse and KeyboardSelecting commands by touch Customizing the Quick Access ToolbarAdding Commands to the Quick Access Toolbar MenusAdding buttons from the ribbon:- Adding other buttons to the Quick Access Toolbar Menus Tips and TricksFunction keys of Excel ( F1- F12) How to calculate the percentage in ExcelThe basic formula for calculating interest in ExcelWhat else can you do with Sheets? Moving around the worksheetKeyboard shortcuts for moving the cell cursorTips for using the onscreen keyboardScroll Bars TipsMove between sheets of a workbookHow to get helpHow to use “Tell Me”Compatibility modeConvert your fileHow to Export Excel Workbook to PDF FileExport to other file types and much more!Download your copy of " Excel" by scrolling up and clicking "Buy Now With 1-Click" button.