Author: Thomas C. Triumph

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"Many books end up on a bookshelf. Evolve or Die should be very near where you work. After reading it, I keep going back to it. I love to randomly open it up to any page and read a few pages, often several times a week. It's a fun experience and very stimulating for anyone with a big curiosity." -- John Sculley, Businessman, Entrepreneur and InvestorExpand your creative and entrepreneurial mind and learn how to give the world everything you've got to offer.Assuming you're someone interested in learning and improving - and making a difference - this book was written with you in mind. Whether you're at the top of the corporate pyramid or somewhere nearer the base, or a stay-at-home parent coordinating the endless duties of the family, or an entrepreneur orchestrating a finite amount of time and resources, you're working to make a difference. And yes, your work and what you do matters. This book contains a culmination of experiences, thoughts, and learning from world-class innovators and creators.Every single story is true, and every single story is relevant to you. Common themes of these stories are hard work, persistence, and courage. Sometimes luck plays a role, but things are more often learned the hard way. And, as is the case whenever there are innovators and creators involved, thereís also a fair amount of love running rampant through these stories. Evidently, rampant is how love likes to run - especially when itís heading toward a goal and vision. Perhaps most importantly, youíll see that every one of these luminaries was made, not born.The title Evolve or Die is somewhat blunt. It's an exaggeration, but I believe that it's closer to the truth than many people realize. Itís my genuine hope that this book and the stories within it are of real interest and benefit to you.It might seem trite to write this, but (in reference to Henry David Thoreau) you werenít meant to settle for a life of quiet desperation. You need to innovate and create. Itís better to learn from the champions, practice like your life depends on it (and to an extent it does), and come out strong and punching above your weight (because you can). Youíve got a lot to offer this world. We all do. Iím in your corner, offering guidance and cheering for you.Get in the ring, come out swinging, and fight the good fight.Don't wait! Order your copy today.Visit tomtriumph dot com and download the free manifesto The Call to Innovate: Myths, Best Practices and Achieving Your Rightful Place. PRAISE FOR EVOLVE OR DIE:- "Evolve or Die can help provide is at once inspiring, entertaining, and thought-provoking. Tom Triumph combines key business insights with his unique narrative style. The result is a must-read for every business executive." ó Kartik Hosanagar, Professor at The Wharton School- "Tom shares some simple, actionable advice for all of us on cultivating our superpowers... stories to change your approach to personal and professional growth..." ó Dave Blakely, Partner, Mach49- "Tom Triumph has artfully captured many of the key lessons in the creative process... and provides simple models to make this all actionable. A perfect reminder for anyone looking to push their own limits..." ó Andy Walshe, Performance Manager, Red Bull Stratos, program designer for the US Olympic ski and snowboard teams- "The energy in Evolve or Die is the energy of someone whoís lived life fully and has not lost that glimmer of 'what is possible' in individuals. Tom gives readers tools and insights... Why? Because... YOU matter, more than you possibly know." ó David Brier, Chief Gravity Defyer, DBD International