Ever Witch Chronicles by Kit Bladegrave

Author: Kit Bladegrave

Category: Teens & Young Adult

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Mysterious dragons. Fierce witches. Secret councils. Forbidden alliances. The Ever Witch Saga is happening.

Everest thought she had it rough when she had to drop out of high school to raise her brother Mason while her mother was AWOL. Except that Everest’s mother spells AWOL as alcohol.

No problem for the resourceful Everest—get a job at a museum, raise Mason, and pretend to the world that her mother is still around.

Until she almost gets killed. No problem, right? Until the cops get involved.
Then things snowball. Threats of foster care, a mysterious uncle, and then finally, a school for witches.
Wait, what?

Beware: Cliffhangers, violence can be found in this serial series of swicked action-packed fantasy, hot dragons, and fierce witches.

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