Author: Sorin Dumitrascu

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How do you go about finding the best possible person to fill a job? Although interviewing candidates is important, it can waste a lot of time – and be unproductive – if you don't have the right types of candidates to interview.
The key to both successful interviewing and hiring is effective screening. This involves filtering resumes to find job candidates who are best suited for the position.
What do you think happens if you don't screen applicants properly? You'll probably ignore some credible candidates who deserve an interview.
You'll also waste time on interviewing unsuitable candidates, who aren't qualified for the position you need to fill.
This book will help you avoid these pitfalls, ensuring that you identify the best possible applicants to include in the interviewing process.
A good job description sets out the expectations for the job and for the candidate you'll ultimately hire.
Before you can write a good job description, you need to perform a job analysis. You examine what the job entails – for example, what skills and qualifications the person in this role needs and what tasks the new employee needs to perform to succeed in the role.
From this analysis, you create the job description, which accurately identifies all the requirements a successful candidate must meet.
An incomplete or inaccurate job description can be disastrous. For example, say you need to hire a graphic designer for your advertising agency. The job requires someone with experience in using a specific desktop publishing software product. If you fail to include this in the job description, you may hire someone unsuitable and end up having to spend time and money on training this person.
Once you've created an accurate job description and advertised the job, the next step is to screen applicants' resumes to determine who meets the job requirements.
At this point, your success in identifying suitable candidates for interviewing will depend on the accuracy of the requirements you included in your job description.
You should be able to quickly determine who meets the minimum job requirements you identified and weed out those that don't. Then you can examine more closely the remaining resumes.