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STOP Guessing, Hit that Launch Button, and Start Creating Your Success Today...Are you someone wanting to achieve Financial and Time Freedom and at the same time do what you truly love? Do you ever find yourself dreaming of not having to work for anyone else; Be Your Own Boss and have the freedom to Work Anytime and Anywhere you like?Finally, Do you find yourself Feeling Stuck in your current situation and wanting so badly to turn your life around; To be the success that you are destined for and Start Earning the Income that you Truly Deserve?If you answered "YES" to all of these questions, then it is clear that you have the HEART of an Aspiring Entrepreneur and this book is written just for YOU.In this 12-Day action plan you will:-Learn that, when you are just starting as an Entrepreneur, you can actually Ignore 99% of what you think you need to learn, (Strategies, Techniques, and Magic Unicorns) because the best thing you should do at this stage of your journey is to Focus on YOU.-Learn the things that you can do TODAY rather than wait for some opportunity that may not likely happen.-Find your focus and clarity by learning how to Paint a Picture of Your Success.Other Awesome things you will find in this book:- The 5 Habits That The Ultra Successful Share- The One Habit That Will Make You Unstoppable- The Tiny Tweak in your Life that will make all the Difference- Discover your Inner Compass and Never Get Lost on Your Journey to Success Ever Again- Fast Track Your Success By Mastering This One Fundamental Habit-And so much MORE...ENTREPRENEUR CANVAS is the revised edition of “Entrepreneurship: Where do I begin, exactly?”. In this 12-Day Action Plan, the author’s only hope is for you to finally Ignite the FIRE within you, develop Habits to Improve Focus, find success through positive thinking, and become motivated by her favorite quotes on Entrepreneurship that she knows will help you feel inspired.Be Fearless, Get up the Courage to Conquer whatever is holding you back and Start Living the Life that you Truly Desire.Take this book NOW and discover how you can start taking action TODAY.