Author: Alan Franks

Category: Business, Money and Jobs

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Are you starting to feel a bit overwhelmed by your finances?

EmPowered Money covers everything you need to know about managing your finances. Whether you are planning to invest and take your savings to the next level or looking for a reliable guide to achieve financial freedom, this book is for you!

This book offers an A to Z guide to building your personal financial plan. From goal setting to budgeting, to pricing out car and home insurance, to purchasing life insurance, to investing, to using credit cards rewards points to travel, this book shows you how to use money as a tool to live your fullest life.

In this book, you will learn:

How to budget.

How to build financial security.

How to grow wealth through investments, real estate, and selling a business.

How to use debt as a tool that helps you build wealth.

How to set life goals and use financial planning as a way to achieve those goals.

EmPowered Money is your roadmap to building your financial plan and achieving your goals. Alan Franks shares some tips and techniques that may take your finances to the next level. Don’t miss out and grab a copy now!