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It just makes sense, when you understand your audience and they feel understood, you’ll win more clients and make more sales in ANY economy.Mike Caldwell was a paramedic for 12 years before falling off a cliff and breaking his arm, leg, and back. As important as his skills were with starting IV’s, administering medications, and intubating patients, his greatest strengths were understanding his patient’s pain and having them believe and trust that he was there to help.How would your marketing and sales numbers improve if your potential customers were convinced you understood them and were there to help?Empathy is defined as the ability to understand and share the feelings of another. But until now, there has been no method or process for distilling, implementing, and leveraging empathy to increase your customers, make more sales, and rocket your business’s bottom line.Now, for the first time, Caldwell offers a simple 5-step process for unlocking your new Empathic Marketing™ superpower. Because Empathic Marketing™ is a “people first” approach to marketing and advertising, it’s a timeless strategy that will work for entrepreneurs, small businesses, and large corporations alike.Empathic Marketing™ is not a secret, trick, or tactic that involves misleading clickbait advertising or spammy emails. Rather it’s an earnest communication approach that incorporates integrity, honesty, and authenticity.Mike’s Empathic Marketing™ approach has worked for entrepreneurship, network marketers, affiliate marketers, brick and mortar business owners, 7-figure coaches, e-commerce businesses, service providers, consultants, lawyers, start-ups, and health and fitness providers. No matter what your product or service, this book will help you craft your unique message. This message can be used in your web marketing, your websites and funnels, your email campaigns, your videos, your blogs, and every imaginable way you communicate with your audience.Through his personal stories, Mike shares real-life examples of empathy at work and breaks down step-by-step how to apply it to your business. Within these pages you’ll learn how to influence consumer behavior through:• Understanding your Ideal Buyer by examining their “4-D’s of Transformation Delivery”• Crafting your Have to Have it Hook that will “Capture the Heart”• Unearthing your Big Differentiator that will “Convince the Mind”• Designing an irresistible Offer that incorporates so much more than just your product or service• Identifying and addressing your audience’s False Limiting Beliefs so that those roadblocks no longer serve as an excuse not to buy• Completing your Marketing Premise, the thing your audience needs to believe before they pull out their credit cardsTodd Brown said it best “[Empathic Marketing™] shines as a beacon of light for the idea of maximum sales generation with honesty…. authenticity… and empathy.”If these values are important to you, and this is how you wish your business to present, this book will show you the way™