Author: Svetoslav Elenkov

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If you seek to achieve the very best in the sport of tennis you'll find in Elite Tennis the most important lessons, tips, and perspective that a player will need on that journey. Based on years of experience as a player, and later a teacher of the game, Svetoslav Elenkov answers the question all competitors ask at some point: How do I become a Great tennis player?In this book he'll go over, in depth, his Principles:Starting youngLearning the learning process--technique, awareness, controlCommunication between you and your bodyFitness & dietThe periodization of Peak performanceDiscipline and consistency in making time. And to break it down into further detail, Slav gives first-hand, professional advice on:How much, where and what you should practiceSpecialized areas like strategy for singles & doublesTournament preparation and environmental awarenessMonetary costs throughoutThe passion to endureAnd personal anecdotes: 'Lessons from the Tour'.