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Do you Want Different Results? So it's Time to Change your Habits.
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For many centuries, people have fasted. Often, fasting was done because there was no food available to consume. In other situations, it was part of a religious belief. Moreover, many animals, including humans, fast when they fall sick.

You have to know that fasting or eat stop eat, is a standard process, as the body can handle extended periods of time without eating anything.

With fasting, there are specific changes in the body so that the body can counter the lack of nutrition in that particular fasting period. This is linked to cellular repair operations, genes, and hormones. During fasting, there is a significant decrease in insulin and blood sugar levels, and a radical elevation in growth hormones.

Thus, many people practice this kind of diet to promote weight loss, as it is one of the simplest techniques to burn fat and restrict calories. Many also follow such techniques to improve their metabolism, as fasting can regulate various health markers and risk factors. In addition, intermittent fasting has been noted to help an individual live for a longer time. This has been proven through research conducted upon rodents, which had extended lifespans after a restriction in their calorie intake.

Thus, you can consider intermittent fasting to be an essential process for regulating your body weight and health simultaneously. With fewer meals, you have a better chance of living a HEALTHY life. In addition, when you do not have to prepare extra dishes every day (because you are skipping meals), you can save a lot of time for other activities.