Author: J.M. Patton

Category: Thrillers & Suspense

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Following a personal tragedy and their graduation from West Point, 2nd Lieutenants Jake Jacobs and Patrick McSwain don the army blue to fulfill their obligation to the U.S. Army by serving in the combat arms. Jake joins the Green Berets and Patrick becomes a Huey Cobra helicopter pilot. It’s the Vietnam War in action, the final throes of agony for the American military. Both boys have become men and the women who love them find that Duty-Honor-Country is their way of life.

Jake leads the last inland mission in South Vietnam and is thrust into combat with global terrorists and their death-dealing use of hijackings and chemical weapons on American soil. Patrick supports troops on the ground with a helicopter that is terrifyingly capable of tearing things up. At the same time, a murderous enemy, encouraged by the Cold War, tests the resolve and adaptability of America to counter enemies foreign and domestic. A demoralized military that has fallen out of public favor makes for uncertain careers, shifting internal politics at the highest levels of command, and military families that suffer indignities for serving one’s country.