Author: Jonathan Yanez

Category: Sci-Fi and Future Worlds

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Terrifying hints of his past resurface to haunt him,To tempt him, Or even to warn him.Daniel Hunt is the deadliest mercenary in the galaxy. If he could only remember who he is.Earth is all but a wasteland. The moon is host to the scrappiest remnants of humanity. And the wealthy elite enjoy a life of luxury on Mars.When Daniel is pulled into the corrupt schemes of shadow corporations and competing governments, he finds they’ll grapple for what’s left of Earth’s resources – at any cost.This former lone wolf is going to have to gather his merry band of mercenaries. It’s time to get into the throes and wreak havoc on the mafia of corruption in this solar system.But can this mercenary bring justice when he’s only been programmed for vengeance?Click Buy Now to start 12 books of addictive action & intrigue!