Drinking Games Collection by Nikki Belaire

Author: Nikki Belaire

Category: Romance Books

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Author’s note: Drinking Games contains three sweet and sinful novellas, filled with all the best parts of a romance. No triggers or cliffhangers and guaranteed happily ever afters.

Suck: This mob boss always gets what he wants - even if she belongs to someone else.
Reece Diavolo. They call him The Devil behind his back, and when the vicious mobster sees the bride at his cousin’s wedding he decides there won’t be a marriage after all that day…because now she belongs to him.
Macy Shaw. They call her The Mouse to her face, and when the goodest of good girls learns her blackmailing fiancé has disappeared she’s relieved…until she realizes her savior is even more dangerous than the groom.Bang: Theirs is a love story as old as time: He catches sight of her, instantly smitten, and steals her away, spoiling her into submission until they settle into a perfect life of continuous sexy times. After a few years, the shine on their happily ever after begins to tarnish. Beck doesn’t understand why his baby girl, his wisp, his whole damn universe wants to break his chains of love. Eden can’t understand why her overprotective possessive obsessive mob boss husband refuses to allow her to leave her mansion prison just to spend time with the girls.After a little bit of tears and a whole lot of bedroom fun, Beck agrees to a night out. But will the happy be restored to their happily ever after? Or will they realize what they’ve been missing while hiding out from the rest of the world?Blow: Who wears white capris and a floral cardigan to a strip club owned by one of the most dangerous mob bosses in the world?
Only Tulip Rose, the home-schooled, flower shop managing, sheltered virgin who wants to save her brother after he takes a loan he can’t pay back. She begs me to let her wash dishes or mop floors to work off his debt, but I’ve got an even better job in mind for my sweet little petal.