Dreamland by Nick Clausen

Author: Nick Clausen

Category: Fantasy and Paranormal

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Dreams can come true.

So can nightmares.In his dreams, Louie begins visiting an alternate reality where he meets his father, who died when Louie was still a baby. At first, it seems like a wonderful opportunity for Louie to finally get to know his dad. But things aren’t exactly what they seem, and great horrors loom very close by.The place Louie enters in his sleep—called Dreamland—is only a small part of the dreamworld. All around it lies The Outskirts. That’s where nightmares come from. And the creatures who live there are constantly on the lookout for new prey. Someone they can lure in and catch. Someone they can keep as their prisoner for all eternity.Will Louie lose himself forever in dreams? Or will he manage to wake up in time?More than just a creepy ghost story, Dreamland is a tale about fear, loss and getting lost from reality. For fans of Coraline and A Monster Calls. 
“Really awesome, well thought out and creepy.”
★★★★★ Sabrina's Book Blog“a brilliant book which I enjoyed and is well worth reading”
★★★★★ Black Books Blog“I was glad that I got the opportunity to read this book by a brilliant author”
★★★★★ Shalini's Book Reviews
 “Dreamland is merely a small part of the dreamworld,” his dad said. “All around us is this. I call it the outskirts. That’s where nightmares come from.”Louie stared out into the wasteland and felt a growing discomfort.“Something lives out there,” his dad went on, his eyes searching the horizon. “Once in a while they come close enough to the border to be glimpsed. And if you listen carefully, you can hear their voices.”Louie held his breath and listened. The silence on this side of the edge was deep and calm, only interrupted by bird song now and then. On the other side a cold wind howled.“Do you hear them?” his dad asked.“I only hear the wind.” But as he said it, he realized the wind was the voices. It was a chanting choir of faint fragments; whispering, giggling, alluring.“… hi, Louuuuie …”“… how sweet he is …”“… come out here …”“… we’ve been waiting for you …”“… visit us, Louuuuie …”They kept saying his name. The sound made him shiver. The voices seemed to rise and fall with the wind, but at the same time it seemed like they came from inside his head. There was something drawing, almost hypnotic about them. Louie wanted to step closer, just so he could hear them a little more clearly …“Louie?”Dad’s voice pulled him back, and he looked up.“Don’t listen anymore. If you listen for too long, you end up taking the bait. The reason I show you this is so that you can understand where the voice you heard is coming from. It’s the creatures out there who have been trying to reach you through your dreams.”Louie stared out into the darkness and tried to see the creatures. He thought he saw a group of glowing, wavy figures in the dark. They stood side by side, twisting in a hypnotic dance. He stepped a little closer to his dad. “What do they want with me?”“They want to drown you in bad dreams until your mind breaks down. They will try to lure you anyway they can. They will lie and tell you anything to make you follow them. And if you do …” Dad caught Louie’s eyes. “There’s no way back if they catch you ...”