Author: S.M. Dritschilo

Category: Teens & Young Adult

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Most seventeen year olds don't have bucket lists, but me, Katie O'Connell I do--a Wish List actually. Because I long to be someone new, the kind of girl you take notice of and remember. Someone who isn't just a part of the background. Unfortunately, I have no idea how to make that happen, but my outspoken best friend does: a Junior Year Wish List of goals, starting with earning a role in the senior play, and my bookish self reluctantly agrees. Now I have barely ten months to meet all five goals that will transform me from a bookworm to a butterfly.Wish List in hand, I’m going to need to pull my motley crew of dramatic friends closer for support to launch my Junior Year with a fresh (somewhat anxious) attitude. That is, until the boy who was my first childhood friend, the boy who disappeared right before my tenth birthday, shows up on the first day of school throwing my quiet life into an emotional tailspin.His surprise reappearance will start my junior year with more questions than answers. Why did he leave? Where has he been all this time? Can friendships last after a seven-year break? Is achieving my Wish List even possible now? Most importantly, will he be the one to make Wish Number Five a reality?