Author: Arthur Slade

Category: Teens & Young Adult

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She's the only dragonrider in the world of Ellos. The empire wants her dead. But her dragon's snarky sense of humor might kill her first.

Carmen is an assassin.

She’d love to say she just graduated with honours, but that’s not how it worked out. First, the empire declared war on assassins. Next, there was a horrible betrayal at assassin school.

Then a snarky, dangerous dragon came into her life: Brax.

He loves books, goats and fighting against mortals and dragons alike. He’s also an outcast prince with his own dark secrets. And there's no way he'll submit to having a rider.

A deal is struck that changes their lives forever.

An assassin riding a dragon should be safe, but the emperor is hot on their heels. As the free realms fall, Carmen and Brax are on the run, desperately searching for a way to stop this war. And to get revenge.This boxed set contains the first three episodes of the Dragon Assassin series.1. Twin Fury2. Shadow Hunter3. Dark Wings