Author: Juliann Whicker

Category: Teen & Young Adult

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Isabel Dreary's life is about to end. Repeatedly.

How do you know if you're dead? No pulse? Check. Decomposing? Check check. Falling for the hot vampire who is responsible for the whole mess? Well, maybe.After Isabel is sacrificed in a dark witch's circle, she doesn't believe she's dead. Her school headmistress sends her to Dead Academy, where dead and undead things roam the crypts beneath the marble halls. Isabel has to adapt to poltergeist paper tornados, cranky gargoyles, fashion-challenged vampires, and Vlad, the boy who liked her before she died and he turned undead, but now can't stand the sight or smell of her. Being sixteen has never been so tough. When the demon inside her starts hunting down the witches who sacrificed her, it's a race to find out who killed her, again, before the demon takes over her soul and the world.

Once upon a time…

No, this isn’t that kind of story. There isn’t really a happily Ever After, because who can be happy when they’re dead, but still have to go to school? Amiright? I wasn’t always dead. Yeah, not much better, but at least it’s factual. Let’s run with it. Ahem. Chapter One. I wasn’t always dead.