Author: Lawrence R. Perkins

Category: Business, Money and Jobs

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Some people have all the luck… When you’re talented, hardworking, and good at your job, it can be frustrating to see your colleagues and peers getting ahead while you remain stuck. Or to watch with envy as your boss chats on the phone, has long lunches, and clocks out early to do something fun with her friends. Meanwhile, you’re stuck grinding away the hours at work, wondering how to leverage your skills and experience to take your career to the next level. In those moments, you ask yourself: What secret do they know that I don’t? In Don’t Be a Stranger, Lawrence Perkins answers that question. If you want to create your own luck in business—rather than relying on others to propel your career—then strategic relationship building should be your focus. You’ll learn simple techniques for developing a community of people around you that will enrich your career as well as your life. We still do business with those we know, like, and trust, and in this social media age, nothing can duplicate the power of real-life relationships.