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REVEALED: The Simple, Foolproof Way to Raise the Perfect Dog!

Millions of families are already made up of 4-legged friends while others soon will be with the arrival of a new puppy, but…

Do you know the

correct behaviors to exhibit towards them?

Do you know

how to support them in the right way when they are afraid?

Have you consistently acted correctly

when dealing with their problematic behaviors?From

preparing space in your home



, from

positive reinforcement


basic commands such as "Sit", "Stay", "Come", "Leave", and so on

, author Sarah (an

expert dog behaviorist and trainer with over 20 years of experience

) will rattle off every detail you need to know in order

to be fully ready to be the perfect owner by housetraining your dog

quickly and easily


This book will be the only guide you will need over the years; in fact, it will accompany you through all these stages of your new best friend's life:

Neonatal periodTransitional periodSocialization periodTest periodTeenage yearsOlder years

Here is just a small part of what the book contains:

Puppy-proofing: preparing all areas of your home to welcome the newcomerFundamentals of training (in all its stages as listed above)Crate training and everything you need to know about cratesPotty training with very important tips on how to create a routine and what the ideal routine isThe power of positive reinforcementCommands: how to establish them and how to improve them over timeSocialization: both with humans and other dogsBehavioral problems: are they instinctive or derived from bad behavior? How can you prevent them? How should you correct them?Health and well-being: if you want to make sure your dog is always in great health, these are the 5 elements you should NEVER neglect Health problems: Need a vet? Find out how to deal with common situations that can arise when your dog is sickAnd much more!

As with humans,

education and the basis of impeccable behavior have a firm foundation in the early years of life

; in fact,

proper growth and companionship in the puppy stage are of paramount importance.

And if instead, your dog is already grown,

there is always time to catch up and instill stability and serenity into your relationship.

Prepare to be showered with compliments on your dog's behavior!

Scroll up and click "BUY NOW" and get ready to establish an unbreakable bond with your four-legged friend