Author: Nancy Rundle

Category: General Nonfiction

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Are you a motivated and goal-driven individual looking to improve your life? Do you want to focus on restructuring your life, achieving your goals, and letting go of destructive habits that have been holding you back? Have you been looking for compelling tools that will allow you to harness your inner power so that you can be your own badass? Then, keep reading!
Research shows that at least 20% of adults regularly engage in self-sabotaging behaviors. This means they subconsciously set themselves up for failure by immersing themselves in activities that hold them back, destroy their dreams, and endanger their well-being. Does this feel like you?
After overcoming many personal battles that empowered her to pick herself up and take charge of her life, Nancy Rundle is your beacon of hope who will apply her knowledge to help you master your emotions easily, evolve into a better you, and take the time to be present in every moment of your life.
Inside Do the Work to Be a Better You, you’ll discover:
? Three things you should stop doing today to break the habit of being you, learn to prioritize, and pay attention to your feelings, no matter how difficult this has been for you before
? A comprehensive guide for self-care which includes how to avoid burnout, the different types of self-care methods that you should incorporate into your lifestyle, and effective ways to transform your inner dialogue for improved self-esteem
? Ways to challenge yourself by engaging in effective tasks that will motivate you to grow, irrespective of how many times you’ve struggled with this in the past
? How to encourage self-sufficiency by taking time to reflect, having fewer expectations from others, and controlling who you surround yourself with
? How to eliminate negativity in your life by identifying the different types of boundaries, recognizing why you need them, and how you can establish healthy ones in your life so that you can have a more balanced life and healthier relationships
Your days of feeling like a failure are over! You’re about to step into a powerful phase in your life where you’re going to make things happen for yourself. No more sabotaging yourself, delaying your success, and wondering, “Is this all there is to life?”
Are you ready to transform into a badass? Then read Do the Work to Be a Better You now!