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DIY CBD Rich Hemp Oil Skin, Body & Beauty Care ProductsLearn to Make Soap, Shampoo, Body Butter, Lotion & So Much MoreWe have known about the health benefits of CBD oil for a while now, but most of us didn’t realize the real benefits of this nutrient-rich oil for our skin and beauty.If you are into Skin and beauty like I am, then I am sure you have noticed a few Hemp oil infused beauty products like lotion, soaps, shampoo and even lip balm on some store shelves.I have been researching and making my own hemp oil-rich beauty products for a few years now and wanted to try and test some of the store-bought ones to see how they compare to what I make. Unfortunately, I found out most (85%) of these beauty products either have none or too little of the actual CBD rich Hemp oil for them to do any practical beautification of your skin.But before you ask how Hemp can help your skin, let me list a few benefits.Here is What CBD Rich Hemp Oil Can Do for Your Skin & HairNatural Skin MoisturizerNatural Sun blockerReduce AcneHeal PsoriasisHeal EczemaIts protein helps moisturizes the scalp and hairThe Omegas help stimulate Hair growth and prevent breakageProduces softer, fuller and thicker hair folliclesReduces Pre-menstrual discomfortRich in Omega -3, 6 & 9Rich in Vitamin A & ENatural anti-inflammatoryThere are numerous other benefits of Help oil, and some I am sure will come out with more research, but what we know so far is already plenty. We all dig beautiful smooth skin and softer fuller and shiny hair. We already know that this oil is more than capable of delivering all that and more.Why wait? It is not expensive to make your own shampoo, conditioner, lotion or any other beauty products at home.Here in this book, I shared my own recipes of making 17 different beautify products including how to MAKE your own CBD RICH HEMP OIL at home.At a Glance, Here is What I Shared in this BookWhat & How to Use CBD Hemp OilHow Hemp Oil WorksWhy Use this OilBenefits of Hemp OilHemp Oil NutritionThree Ways to Extract and Make Your Own Hemp OilWhere to Buy Hemp Oil Both On and OfflineSkin & Beauty RecipesAcne Healing LotionSkin CleanserSoap ScrubBody OilSkin MoisturizerHemp LotionBody ButterLip BalmFace MaskHair Care RecipesHemp Oil ShampooHair MaskHair SerumI also shared 13 tested hemp oil applications to treat various skin and hair conditions.Enjoy!