Author: Kate Gildon

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Explosions of anger, yelling, tantrums, desperate crying, listlessness, non-listening...

You're exhausted, aren't you?

Are shouting, chaos, and yelling the order of the day in your home?

Tranquility and good communication seem unattainable?

Reacting to physically and mentally stressful behaviors such as dealing with explosive, impulsive, and non-listening children is complicated...Often we are so desperate that, to force them to obey,

we end up

screaming too

.Or maybe when faced with these tantrums,

we try to negotiate a solution

...Or maybe we even end up

imploring them

....But what do we get?

Just a horrible feeling of frustration and Guilt

I can be unmotivating.Maybe you think you're the only one in this situation, but I assure you that it's not so: statistics show that many parents like you and me have to fight it every day... You must have realized that, nowadays, the kind of rigorous education used in

previous generations

with shouting to instill fear and respect and to be obeyed


anymore.That's because

times have changed,

and you have to change too.On the one hand, children react explosively, and on the other, we want them to know that they can always count on their

parent's support

. Too often, however, they don't listen to us and react in ways that we find challenging to manage and very often embarrassing (real explosions of anger in the most inopportune places to get what they want, or fights between siblings that lead to apocalyptical crises, just to name a few)...Starting from scratch to build an educational method for our children based on communication, calmness, and respect is not easy,

but it is possible!

This book comes from extensive research and dedication to families. It will follow you step-by-step on this journey to create

new ways

of approaching child-rearing and living family life more peacefully!

What can you expect from this guide?

? I'll explain how to keep calm and erase the urge to scream from your mind.? You will find

practical instructions

to build a whole new educational method: the rules to apply, how to enforce them, how to contain tantrums, what meanings are hidden behind your child's crises and more!? This book will teach you to observe before acting, to reflect on the little things that make your child unique and to create an educational method tailored to him.

How is this possible?

Through the analysis of the

9 temperament traits!

This information will

open up your horizons

, help you get to know your family better, and understand the right ways to interact with each member to

avoid crises, tantrums, tears, screaming, and unnecessary fights!

One of the most significant plus points we are proud of is its


It's a real guide full of practical steps explained in

simple words, experiments, and activities to do with your kids!

For example, you'll find:? The

5 steps

to be listened WITHOUT yelling? The

7 experts tips

to help your child manage anger? The

8 truths

(the last one will move you) that you'll experience firsthand when you stop yelling at your kids

And so much more!

We need to break the cycle of parents and children yelling-it's been going on for too many generations!

Have faith in your and your child's extraordinary capacity for a change!

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a new life of

laughter, happiness, and serenity!