Author: Sabrina Goodwin

Category: Children and Middle Grade

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How did little dino Rony learn to mindfully share his toys? Are you ready to giggle and cheer along with kid-friendly life lessons from a boy who took things without asking to a boy who was kind, polite, and sweet? This delightful, rhyming book takes young readers on a playful adventure of self-discovery to uncover socioemotional themes while honing kids’ literacy skills in terms of phonics, spelling, vocabulary, reading comprehension, speech, and listening.

This book offers a great and DINOMITE addition for both home and school to instill manners, social concepts, discipline, and emotional intelligence. Perfect for ages 2-8, this roaring fun adventure will turn any child into a dinosaur lover!? It accommodates native English speakers as well as ESL learners, gifted kids, and students with special needs.

The heart-warming storyline with colorful, eye-catching illustrations will entertain and educate kids about what it means to be a good friend. This sweet book makes a great gift for birthdays, the first day of school, holidays, road trips, family vacations, or as a terrific storytime addition.

The first book in the Dino Rony series will encourage you to stomp along and grin as it focuses on the art of sharing. All the books in the Dino Rony series help children to see the importance of building strong social connections with empathy, inclusion, and care.