Author: Katrina Kahler, John Zakour

Category: Children and Middle Grade

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Books for Girls ages 9-12: Lia Strong always thought of herself as a normal 12 year old. She had to deal with the ups and downs of middle school. You know how it goes...hanging out with friends, going to LAX practice, doing massive amounts of homework and dealing with mean girls. Everything changed though, when Lia turned 13! On her 13th birthday, she found out some very special news...she is the latest in a long line of super women. It seems that Lia is still a normal girl, except for one thing - her super powers. On the up side, she has the strength of 100 people, but on the down side, one of her farts has the potential to knock out 100 people!Oh, the joys of having Super Powers! A perfect book for girls who love strong female characters. You'll love it!