Devil’s Island by Mark Lukens

Author: Mark Lukens

Category: Fantasy and Paranormal

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Devil's Island . . . an abandoned island in the Caribbean Sea with a dark and bloody past . . . an island with a terrible secret.

Nick Gorman, a billionaire movie producer, assembles a team of ghost hunters and scientists to investigate the Thornhill Manor on Devil's Island . . . the most haunted place in the world that no one's ever heard of. He's there to find proof of ghosts, evidence of an afterlife. But he's also there to uncover a secret hidden on the island that could change all of humanity.

The ghost hunting team is led by Shane Edwards, who lost his TV show in a scandal and now is a disgrace in the ghost hunting world; this is his last chance to redeem himself and revive his career. But as soon as he steps foot on Devil's Island, he realizes this is no ordinary haunted manor - this is a place where everyone will face horrors they never could have imagined, an island that brings their darkest fears to life.

As Nick gets closer to unearthing the secret on the island, Shane begins to wonder if any of them will survive their two-night stay on Devil's Island.