Author: Dinah Mille

Category: Mystery and Crime Fiction

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The priest kept a diary of confessions.FBI Special Agent John Treehorn hunts for a killer in a small Upstate New York town who committed a double homicide of a priest and his housekeeper. The agent joins forces with the New York State Police to investigate the crimes that occurred in federal and state jurisdictions. The investigation soon exposes a priest who kept silent about a horrible crime and then wrote the details in his private diary which the killer stole. When it’s discovered that the two deaths and a cold case are connected by the murder weapon, the law enforcement officers hunt for the perpetrator as the Church fights to keep the original sin a secret, the State wants the criminal arrested, and Special Agent Treehorn wants justice.Graphic Warning: This novel is for mature audiences. It contains graphic imagery of death, crime scenes, and villainous criminals doing very bad things. You’ve been warned. Just to be clear, there is no discussion whatsoever of self-stimulation. The title relates to a doorbell. JOHN TREEHORN MYSTERY NOVELS:Shadow Dancer (Book #1) January 2018Stolen Sisters (Book #2) June 2018Bad Penny (Book #3 Short Mystery for Charity) October 2018Indian Posse (Book #4) June 2019Devil’s Doorbell (Book #5) March 2020Railroad Crossing (Book #6 Short Mystery for Charity) April 2020The Hangman (Book #7) January 2021Please follow my Amazon author page on updates of future novels and/or my Facebook page at Special Agent John Treehorn.