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Organizations have always had the capacity to evolve. However, today they need to evolve even more quickly and intelligently to sustain their competitive advantage. Market conditions and customer demands are constantly changing, and if organizations can anticipate and make the most of new opportunities, they'll be more likely to survive and prosper in the future. In a dynamic business environment, organizational leaders must make learning a cornerstone of their organization's culture.
So how can you tell if your organization is adequately prepared to meet such rapidly changing demands? In this course you'll learn how to assess the strength of your organization's learning culture. First, you'll find out what organizational learning really is, and how it encompasses much more than traditional "training."
You'll discover how training, knowledge management, and technology are all critical tools that support an organization's ability to learn. Organizations also need the key elements of a learning culture: holistic thinking, integrated learning opportunities, a capacity for change and improvement, a focus on collaboration, and personal commitment from employees. It's in evaluating these key elements that you'll learn how to assess the strength of your own organization's learning culture.