Demons by Daylight by Ramsey Campbell

Author: Ramsey Campbell

Category: Fantasy and Paranormal

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“The nearest thing to an heir to M. R. James” – The Times
Ramsey Campbell, known for his Lovecraftian mastery of the horror-fiction genre, presents a collection of short stories and supernatural tales set in the disconcerting world of what seems like our reality.

But there familiarity stops dead, changing into the terror of the unknown, the unreal... exploring uncharted recesses of the mind. It is this terrifying juxtaposition of fact and fantasy that throws doubt even on one’s own sanity, leaving the reader wondering.

Rooted in the haunts and byways of London and Liverpool, his tales are peopled with the restless youth of today, the atmosphere of today’s world. It’s this uncanny element that makes his stories so captivating and spine-chilling.

But these familiar elements of life give way to the unknown: Demonic rites, psychotic disorders, the possession of powers way beyond the boundaries of understanding - Campbell searches the far reaches of the mind and the reader will not easily forget the sights and sounds, the feelings and hints, the true horror of all that he reveals.

Demons by Daylight is a gripping collection of supernatural horror thriller tales from visionary author Ramsey Campbell.

Praise for Ramsey Campbell
'Absorbing… demonstrates the author’s mastery of the horror genre' – Publishers Weekly

'A visionary supernatural tale by the finest writer working in horror today' – Interzone

'A masterpiece which is both delicate and powerful' – Peter Straub

Ramsey Campbell was born in 1946 in Liverpool, Merseyside. Growing up in post-war Liverpool provided the perfect backdrop for his taste for the more macabre literature. He’s lived there his whole life.