Author: Kathy Wilson

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Do you need some impressive cookies for a bake sale or fundraiser?  Is it your turn to bring treats to your company meeting?  Or maybe you'd simply like to offer your family a delicious homemade dessert after dinner tonight?This collection of 13 homemade cookie recipes by Amazon best-selling author Kathy Wilson will walk you though the process of making all of your favorite cookies - starting each recipe with a regular box of cake mix!These recipes are so easy to make that even your kids will be able to make great-tasting cookies of their own, without needing to measure flour, sugar, salt, or baking soda. (Yep, these ingredients are already pre-measured and ready to go in a box of cake mix)!Here Are Some of the Delicious Cake Mix Cookie Recipes You'll Get... ~ Amazing Chocolate Chip Cookies ~ Perfect Peanut Butter Cookies ~ Chewy Oatmeal Cookies ~ Luscious Red Velvet Cookies, and nine more!Plus, Kathy's book is entertaining...Kathy didn't want to release 'just another recipe book'. She wanted to make her book special. And she's accomplished this goal by making her cake mix cookie book a book that's fun to read cover to cover.You'll meet Kathy's family, and you'll hear some of the sarcastic comments her 17 year old daughter makes as Kathy dictates recipes for this book.So, Don't Wait!Scroll up and click the Buy Button right now and make some Delicious Cake Mix Cookies today!