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Did you know that Dehydrating food is the oldest form of all food preservation techniques? Do you want to learn how to master this incredible process for yourself? Then this book is for you!Dehydrating food has existed for thousands of years. The earliest forms of food dehydration were natural solar and air drying, where people exposed raw ingredients or brine-washed food to the sun and hot air for long periods. But in the modern day, there are so many different brilliant ways to dehydrate your food and make the most of your money!Whether you want to dry pasta, prosciutto, beef jerky, pork, or an assortment of fruits like plums and grapes, this brilliant guide reveals how you can practice dehydrating food for yourself!Here’s what you’ll find inside:An Introduction to DehydrationWhy Dehydrating Is Among the Best Food Preservation MethodsSimple, Medium and Advanced Recipes Illustrated Step-By-Step!The BEST Tips and Trips to Dehydrate Your Favorite FoodDehydrator Foods and a Ton of Tasty RecipesCommon Beginner Mistakes – and How to Avoid Them!All the Ingredients and Equipment You Will Need for Your RecipesAnd Much More!Drying is one of the best ways of taking advantage of a surplus of fresh produce. This can help save you tons of money, especially if you’re buying seasonal fruits or vegetables when they’re at their cheapest. Inside this recipe book, you’ll have 150 delicious recipes to follow with simple images and tons of tricks to make getting started easy!Ready to get started? Click “Buy Now” and get your copy today!