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Learn to Dehydrate your Foods and Stock your Pantry for Year-Round EnjoymentThis Dehydrator Cookbook is an essential guide to easy, economical ways of home-drying tasty meals and making the most of your garden harvests. Dehydrating foods at home help you choose and customize ingredients. It also ensures that the food is of high quality and free of harmful preservatives and additives.The Dehydrator Cookbook explains, with easy-to-follow directions, the safe and straightforward process of dehydrating various foods like fruits, vegetables, seafood, meat etc. The cookbook does not only offer you the basic information but also provides tips for choosing the right dehydrator, proper storage method, and rehydration techniques.The cookbook also includes guidelines and detailed directions for making delicious healthy recipes that include just-add-water instant meals and snacks like jerky, chips, and fruit leathers. With this Dehydrator Cookbook, you will enjoy tasty, portable meals anytime you want; whether you are snacking at home or on the trail.DOWNLOAD NOW! You don’t want to miss these amazing recipes!