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Downsize to upgrade your whole existence. YOU can live the highlife on a budget. Get the lowdown!   We’ve all met someone who’s accumulated great wealth but utterly failed to find joy. We all have friends that overbuy, overeat, and overthink. It’s easy to note the excess in other people’s lives . . . but putting ourselves under the microscope? That’s a whole other matter.Well, don’t wait another day. It’s time to examine your own life with the same scrutiny applied to others’. Upon reflection, you may discover clutter pervading every nook—and nothing bodes worse for happiness than stultifying messes.In Vol. IV of the Declutter Workbook Series, life coach Luigi Harbin brings out the big guns . . . and promptly puts them away. Minimalism is truly the key to getting more from every day. Don’t shroud your soul in material trappings. Live with deep contentment.Inside you’ll uncover a treasure trove of poignant information:Accessible tenets of minimalism—methods that aren’t for monks alone . . .Minimalistic mindset traps and means to safely avoid them . . .Minimalism’s applications to parenting and professional life . . .How to make your house a home and that into a paradise . . . Minimalistic budgeting tips . . .The minimalistic diet . . .AND MORE!   Accumulations hold us back from grasping greater inner-bliss. Clear the clutter, and what remains is YOU . . . in perfect form.Get it now.