Author: Josiah Kennealy

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One of the greatest issues in America is the student debt crisis. Over 1.6 trillion dollars in outstanding student loans. This impacts millions of young people each year. There has to be a better way! Can you go to school without student loans? Yes! This book is designed to help inspire you with ideas and equip you with the tools you need to graduate with little to no debt! “Financial literacy with a heart and a conscience! Josiah Kennealy’s text Debtless is a gift and a guide for our young scholars. To emerge from the college academic journey with the ability to focus on professional passions of the heart without excessive debt will set you free. Debtless is a warm and practical springboard to the reader’s future!” —Dr. Randall Peterson, Principal, Eastview High School "This outstanding book by Josiah Kennealy is about fiscal destiny. Reckless student indebtedness is killing a generation before it even has a chance to start. Finally, we have in Josiah Kennealy, a 'prophet to his peers' who gives all of us, both young and old, a new vision and story for how to pay for college. His newest book, Debtless, delivers big time.” —Dr. Scott Hagan, President, North Central University