Author: Elizabeth Rosner

Category: Business, Money & Jobs

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DebtFreeDegree is not just about avoiding student loan debt. It’s about embracing education as a tool for social change, personal growth, and the creation of the Beloved Community where financial freedom is accessible to all students!

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In her DebtFreeDegree book, DrRoz presents a transformative resource for students and families navigating the treacherous waters of college financing. Drawing from her personal journey of earning three degrees with only $1,000 in loans, DrRoz offers a beacon of hope for those seeking higher education without the anchor of debt.

DrRoz’s DebtFreeDegree GRIT Blueprint is a comprehensive approach that combines practical financial strategies with a deep understanding of the higher educational system. She provides readers with actionable steps to plan, prepare, and pay for college. Her insights extend beyond mere cost-saving tactics, delving into the heart of why education is a pivotal investment in one’s future.

In this book you will learn:

The proven GRIT BlueprintStudents sharing their DebtFreeDegree JourneyTips, Tricks, and Tools to Work Smarter, Not HarderExploring alternative funding optionsBalancing financial savvy with the full college experience, including having fun!Strategies for landing your dream job post-graduation.

DrRoz’s passion for Nonviolence365 and the teachings of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. infuse the book with a philosophy of love and community, underscoring the importance of making informed, compassionate choices.

Education is an investment in your future, not just an expense. Invest Wisely!